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4 stars Excellent
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The Good Cute, cartoony presentation. Manageable learning curve. Well-paced action.

The Bad It costs money when there are free options available.

The Bottom Line If you don't mind paying for it, Fieldrunners is a fast and fun game that requires solid strategy to master.

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Tower defence games are nothing new on the PC, or the Apple App Store for that matter. The primary difference between Fieldrunners and those that have come before is one significant detail: it costs money. Perhaps it's the global economic crisis speaking, or maybe we're just cheapskates, but as our iPod Touch downloaded Fieldrunners, we couldn't stop thinking "this had better be worth the money".

For the uninitiated, a tower defence game is where you control an omnipotent army general who places armaments across the field of battle to try and stop the enemy from running from their base to yours. As you progress through the levels, the number and strength of the enemy increases, but so does your income and ability to place more weapons on the field. The pace of the game speeds up and it becomes increasingly difficult to tell whether you have enough guns on the field to deal with the swarming hordes of infantry, tanks and helicopters.

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