Ferrari by Logic3 P200 review: Ferrari by Logic3 P200

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3.5 stars Very good
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The Good Designed after pit crew headsets. Kicking, snarling bass. Reasonably comfortable.

The Bad Treble lacks sparkle, with a restricted sound stage. Adjustment mechanism is stiff enough that it requires you to remove the headphones before adjusting. Red plastic looks cheap. The same money will get you better sound, just without the Ferrari brand. Short cable.

The Bottom Line At AU$349 one fact remains — you're paying more for the brand than the sound, and you can get better audio elsewhere. Still, if you're the ultimate Ferrari fan, we're guessing you won't be too disappointed with these.

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Just like the R200s , the P200s take place in the Scuderia collection — except this time, it uses the design of pit crew headsets for inspiration. The mock carbon fibre, shiny silver and red plastic riffs further off the Ferrari theme, and if red doesn't suit you, you can get a black version instead. If you're all things Ferrari, this is likely what you're aiming for in a set of headphones. If you're more on the subtle side of design, you may want to steer clear.

It's not obvious in the images above, but it must be said that the red plastic that Logic3 has elected to use makes the headphones look like a cheap toy, with only the leather-like ear cups offsetting the impression.

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