Dvico TViX HD N1 review:

Dvico TViX HD N1

Typical Price: $249.00
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1 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Interesting design. Easy to use on/off switch.

The Bad Crashtastic. Most streaming services cause it to crash. Most video services cause it to crash. Slow boot-up — when it isn't crashing. Did we mention it's not very stable?.

The Bottom Line The Dvico TViX HD N1 is the sourest and weakest cup of "digital media coffee" we've ever tasted.

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2.3 Overall


The HD N1 is a media streaming box, but it's also a cup of coffee. Or, in the words of Dvico's own media notes, a "Cup of Digital Media Time", whatever that actually means.

Not a literal cup of coffee, however. That could be messy, what with the crema interfering with the delicate electronics inside, and the surging electricity messing up the delicate flavour of the beans. Instead, the N1's more "inspired" by a cup of coffee, or more realistically a mug. Dvico's been down the road of whacky round media streaming designs previously with the Dvico TViX 5130 PVR, a design that looked to our eyes like a home-brewing kit.

The N1's mug shape would certainly stand out next to your TV in a way that an ordinary black box wouldn't, but whether that's a good or bad thing is a matter of personal taste. The "handle" of the mug is where the N1's output controls are located, with a single light on the front indicating whether the N1's powered up or on standby. The top of the unit bears a TViX logo, but beyond that it also hides a USB port and SD/MS/MMC card reader underneath a flap. Clicking down on the flap also acts as a power switch. Again, an odd design decision that some will love for being quirky, and others will hate.

The N1's remote control is the exact same model we've seen in other Dvico products. It's not flashy, it's not backlit, but it does cover the major features of the N1. Naturally, as there's no buttons beyond power on the N1 itself, if you lose or break the remote you're in for a world of hurt.

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