Divoom Revo-3 review: Divoom Revo-3

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3.5 stars Very good
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The Good Inexpensive speakers. Simple remote control.

The Bad Ordinary build quality. Ordinary sound. Bass resets when the power does. Front panel not terribly indicative.

The Bottom Line Think of a line of inexpensive but unexciting PC speakers. Congratulations, you just envisaged the Revo-3.

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Divoom's Revo-3 speaker kit isn't that much of a looker. Two small vertically-oriented satellites and a larger subwoofer with a front LCD make up the entire system. The subwoofer is a weighty but plastic creature that doesn't do a whole lot but look cheap, especially when you look at the side and realise you can see directly into the circuit boards within. The speakers themselves have a black wood finish, but it's the cheap hollow MDF that we suspect won't age well.

The remote for the Revo-3 is very simple indeed, with controls for muting, volume and bass only. That doesn't give you a lot of control, but on the plus side you're unlikely to hit the wrong button, simply because there aren't that many of them.


The Revo-3 is a 2.1-channel speaker system with a claimed RMS output of 60W from two 30W satellite speakers. That's moderately powerful for what's basically a set of PC speakers, something that's confirmed by the connectivity options at the rear. These comprise stereo RCA inputs and outputs, with a provided cable for connecting up to 3.5mm inputs. In other words, they're OK for PC gaming, iPods and some TV sets, but not so much (as is claimed on the box) for most video game systems.

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