Dell XPS 12 (2013) review: Dell XPS 12 (2013)

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The Good Absolutely tiny. Excellent hinge design. Snappy performance. Outstanding battery life.

The Bad Lacks decent GPU. Expensive.

The Bottom Line If you're happy to pay a little more for a convertible that is as light as a feather, the XPS 12 deserves your attention.

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If there's one thing we can say about the XPS 12, it's that there's nothing else like it. For starters, there aren't too many 12-inch ultrabooks floating around. However, it's the use of a remarkable rotating hinge unique to the XPS 12 that makes this a truly different laptop. Our only concern is whether this novel design can stand the rigours of life on the road, a place where this highly portable device is likely to spend most of its time.

Design and features

As the photos show, the 12-inch display is mounted on an extraordinary twisting hinge — a design first introduced by Dell last year. The aluminium frame around the edge is separate to the display, and the two are connected via a single rotating hinge on each side. It works perfectly, converting this from a standard ultrabook into a tablet in mere seconds. The simplicity of the design suggests it might hold up to the wear and tear that transforming hinges have to endure over years, but it's impossible to test the long-term endurance. Dell's one-year warranty doesn't inspire a lot of confidence, but a failure past that date would still be reasonably expected to be covered under Australian consumer law.

Weighing in at a mere 1.52kg, the XPS 12 is the perfect weight for stashing away in a handbag or backpack. At its thickest, it's just 20mm deep, while the width is a mere 31cm, dictated by the 12.5-inch display. Considering the smaller screen, Dell's insistence on a true HD resolution of 1920x1080 is to be applauded. Lesser manufacturers would easily have gotten away with a much lower-quality screen. At default settings, it's a little too high resolution, making Windows 8's fonts quite hard to read, but these can be tailored via the control panel to improve readability. The screen is obviously touch enabled, allowing it to be used in the slate mode, and we found touch accuracy to be impeccable.

Despite the slim dimensions, Dell has managed to pack in a very comfortable backlit keyboard. The island design leaves a surprisingly large gap between keys, though obviously, there's no room for a number pad. The touch pad is of the same high quality exhibited throughout the product, with just the right amount of give when clicking the buttons.

Connections, performance and battery

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