Corsair Obsidian 550D review: Corsair Obsidian 550D

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4 stars Excellent
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The Good Push button side panel release. Sound dampening on almost every panel. Magnetic dust filters. Removable drive bays.

The Bad Door can occasionally come completely off hinges rather than just opening.

The Bottom Line It's clear that a lot of thought has gone in to the Obsidian 550D. If your ultimate goal is quietness and you can get away with a mid-tower, definitely give this one a look.

While we all wait for the successor to the 800D to turn up, Corsair's outed a smaller, more budget friendly version of its Obsidian line: the mid-tower beast designed to keep sound down.

Despite being the junior in the Obsidian family, this thing is still built incredibly well, with its mostly steel construction; the rubberised, coarse plastic on top that prevents fingerprints; and the aluminium door on the front.

There are two things likely to be contentious on the 550D, and the door is one of them. You can remove it completely if you're not the door type, but the case does lose some of its aesthetic appeal once you do. It is, at least, designed to be opened either way, although often, we found ourselves pulling the whole door off by accident instead of swinging it in the intended direction.

Aside from the sound dampening material on the inside of the door, Corsair's been a little thoughtful in that it's included replacement parts for the door clips, just in case you happen to wear yours out through use.

The door can swing both ways, or be removed entirely. There's sound dampening material on pretty much every panel.
(Credit: Craig Simms)

The second contentious bit is the silver plastic strip that hosts the power and reset buttons, along with two USB 3.0 ports and headphone and microphone jacks. It looks worse in the pictures — in real life, the effect is nowhere near as jarring. But rather than provide an accent, it really does fly in the face of Corsair's typically premium look.

We've seen some people take exception to the silver strip on top. It's not as bad as the pictures make out, but it is jarring on an otherwise seamless aesthetic.
(Credit: Craig Simms)

There are some wonderful innovations here — both the side and the top panels have removable, sound dampened sections that, once removed by pushing down and releasing a magnetic clasp, reveal fan mounts. This isn't the clever bit — that would be the dust filters on top, which are held down by magnetic strips, making the filters not only tool-less, but very easy to install and remove.

Yet another "why hasn't someone done this before" innovation from Corsair: magnetic strips to hold dust filters in place.
(Credit: Craig Simms)


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