Compaq Q2009 LCD Monitor review: Compaq Q2009 LCD Monitor

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The Good Inexpensive. Includes integrated speaker. 30 degrees of tilt.

The Bad Image quality is very ordinary. Speaking of ordinary, say hello to the speakers.

The Bottom Line HP's budget line 20-inch monitor doesn't deliver any surprises, either nasty or nice. You just get what you pay for.

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HP's Compaq Q2009 design is extremely pedestrian, but you'd expect that for a monitor in this price range. Its 20-inch LCD sits in a slightly rounded bezel with controls that run down the lower right-hand side. The stand is small, squat and plastic with a total tilt range of 30 degrees — 5 degrees forwards and 25 backwards. As with the recently reviewed HP 2309m, the monitor sits rather low on the average desk, and for most office working situations you'd be well served to place it on a thick phone book to ensure you're not craning your neck downwards at an awkward angle. At least that'll give you a use for phone books in this day and age, which is nice.


The 20-inch LCD panel in the Q2009 has a top resolution of 1600x900 with a claimed contrast of 1000:1 and brightness of 300cd/m². Refresh rate is stated at 5ms, which very clearly marks this out as a productivity screen, not a gaming or video one. That's an observation that's confirmed by the fact that the Q2009 only has two inputs — and one of those is for audio. This is a D-Sub input only monitor, and that means it's never going to be the most thrilling in terms of visual fidelity.


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