Cambridge Audio iD100 review: Cambridge Audio iD100

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CNET Editors' Rating

4 stars Excellent

The Good Great design. Excellent connectivity. Component video output.

The Bad No analog output — just had to point that out. Pricey.

The Bottom Line The Cambridge Audio iD100 is a great little iPad-compatible digital audio dock that boasts a solid build and great sound when mated with a suitable decoder.

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Apple's iPad has been on the market now for 12 months, and even with the amount of advance notice we had — through rumours , patent applications and so on — it still seemed to take the industry by surprise.

While we saw our first standalone iPad dock in December, it's taken a little while longer for docks to appear that you can connect to your hi-fi system. The Cambridge Audio iD100 is the first we've seen.

Unlike other docks you might have seen, the iD100 is a purely digital device so you'll need either a home cinema receiver or an external DAC to get any sound out of it. Of course, Cambridge Audio suggests connecting this directly to its own DacMagic device.

The iD100 features quite a solid build, with the highlight being the thick, curved slab of brushed aluminium at the front. The dock is available in either black or silver, and includes a set of blue activity lights on the front lip, but they're not bright enough to drive you to distraction like some other LEDs.

Cambridge Audio bundles a series of rubber pads to ensure a tighter fit for your device, but if you use a case they may not fit properly. Using the dock without the pads worked just as well.

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Cambridge Audio iD100

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