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3 stars Good
Pricing Unavailable

The Good Easy-to-use, comfortable single-handed operation. QWERTY keyboard. 3G data speeds. Excellent battery life.

The Bad No Wi-Fi. No GPS. Non-expandable memory. Not as sharp looking as newer models.

The Bottom Line For a two-year-old phone, the 8707g stands up well, but it's without many of the features we now expect in smartphones like Wi-Fi, GPS and microSD support.

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If you were to look at the BlackBerry 8707g at your local 3 Mobile store you would wonder why it looks like an old handset, the answer is simple. It is an old handset; previous iterations of the 8707 have been available since the end of 2006. This answer would no doubt lead you to your next question, "Why in the world would 3 be selling such an old phone?" Again the answer is short and sweet, because it's 3G, unlike every other BlackBerry handset on the market at this time.

Peeling open the lid to the box holding the 8707g is how we imagine it would be to open a crypt in an ancient pyramid — dust filling our noses, a family of bats screeching out and flying past us. OK, a slight exaggeration, and we promise not to bang on too much more about how old the 8707g handset looks, it was just a surprise to see how quickly this kind of technology can date.

The 8707g handset we reviewed has a matte-finish black plastic which is fittingly subdued for a business accessory, but lacks the sharp class of the handsets we see these days. The rounded edges of the 8707g make it appear bulbous and slightly toy-like, but it makes the 8707g extremely comfortable to hold.

Like all good BlackBerrys, the 8707g features a full QWERTY keypad which is possibly our favourite feature of this phone. The keys are large and well-spaced and our fingers were furiously tapping out long messages in no time at all. On the right-hand side of the handset is a jog-wheel for menu navigation, which clicks in for making selections. Because of the size and shape of the 8707g the jog-wheel is perfectly placed for single-handed operation. Above the keypad is a large QVGA display which is bright, sharp and easy to read.

The version of BlackBerry OS running on the 8707g is nearly identical to recently released BlackBerrys in terms of software and business capabilities. Customers signing up to a BlackBerry account with 3 Mobile will be offered either BlackBerry Internet Solution or BlackBerry Enterprise Solution depending on whether the customer needs access to their business network, or simply plans to access internet accounts set up through their ISP or webmail services like Yahoo and MSN. The 8707g can support up to 10 separate email accounts.

One interesting feature is actually the lack of a common feature; the 8707g has no camera. Ordinarily we put crosses against absent features but in the case of a business phone, a missing camera is not that big a deal.

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