Apple Bluetooth Wireless Mighty Mouse review: Apple Bluetooth Wireless Mighty Mouse

Because Boot Camp has granted Intel Core Duo chip-based Macs the ability to use Windows XP, we tested the Mighty Mouse in Windows XP via our MacBook Pro. We had to tell the system to search for the mouse over the Bluetooth connection again, but it recognized it with no trouble. We could even use Windows' standard mouse button control software to tweak its settings. It didn't seem to support the lateral and diagonal scrolling features of the Mighty Mouse's scrollwheel, but otherwise, its features were fully functional. We had less luck with a Bluetooth-equipped Dell Latitude D810 laptop. The Dell's Bluetooth software found the mouse and even recognized it by name, but the Mighty Mouse was never able to assume control of the cursor. Apple advised us that the Mighty Mouse was meant to be used with a Mac, and it appears that its advice was correct.

Because it's wireless, the Mighty Mouse needs power, which comes by way of two AA batteries. Apple specifies that two batteries will give you five months of power with average use. You can run on one battery, but you'll naturally have to replace it in half the time. In addition to providing the juice, we like that the batteries give the Mighty Mouse a little more heft than the original, which felt a bit insubstantial. The difference is only a matter of an ounce; the new model weighs 4.5 ounces with two batteries (to the original's 3.5), but in a side-by-side comparison we were able to tell, and we like the feel of the wireless Mighty Mouse better.

As with the previous Mighty Mouse, Apple covers this model with an industry-standard one-year warranty. Free phone support is available for the first 90 days after purchase, and Apple's support Web site offers troubleshooting advice, FAQs, and a searchable users' forum.

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    Apple Mighty Mouse Wireless - mouse

    Part Number: MB111LL/A Released: 26 Jul 2006
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    Quick Specifications See All

    • Release date 26 Jul 2006
    • OS Required Apple MacOS X 10.4.6 or later
    • Type mouse
    • Movement Detection Technology laser
    • Connectivity Technology wireless
    • Form Factor AA type
    • Compatibility Mac