Afterglow for iOS review: Afterglow exceeds at subtle tweaks to images

With the focus on posting the final product to Instagram, images are transformed into perfect squares with subtle filters and real filmlike effects that create the "afterglow." The filters range from black and white variations to color tweaks and mild sepia tone; You're not going to find dramatic filters or textures here like you find in many popular retro filter apps. The afterglow effects give your photo that real film quality, adding colorful lens flares, scratchy film textures, and other effects that give your image a quirky look that seems unintended. Each of the effects have sliders to increase the intensity of the look, but even at 100% the changes are fairly minor.

When you're finished, you can send the photo to your Instagram app for posting, save to your camera roll, send via e-mail, or post to other social networks like Twitter or Facebook. You also have the option to sent it to other supported apps on your iPhone, so if the changes aren't enough, you always have the option to tweak further in apps like PhotoToaster or Camera+.

In total, with Afterglow you get 13 color adjustment tools, 32 filters, 21 real filmlike textures, and 8 adjustable frames. The filters are comprised of 20 variations created by the developer, Simon Filip, and 12 filters created by various Netflix users. Filip promises more guest filters and app tweaks each month, so look for more improvements the longer you own the app.

Overall, if you're looking for an app that adds dramtic changes to your images, this is not the app for you. But if you're an Instagram fan who simply wants to make minor changes to enhance that retro quality, Afterglow has a precise set of tools for the job.

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