BioWare has shown off its concept art, and hinted at a few details regarding the next instalment in the Dragon Age franchise.

The official DA3 logo.
(Credit: BioWare)

Details regarding the next title in the Dragon Age series have emerged from the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo over the weekend.

Producer Cameron Lee was live tweeting the event, which revealed a few key details about Dragon Age III: Inquisition. Firstly, cinematic designer Jon Perry stated that he "had a longer pre-production on DA3 than any other BioWare project he's worked on". It was also rather cryptically said that "one level in Dragon Age 3 is as big as all of the levels in Dragon Age 2".

In terms of gameplay, creative director Mike Laidlaw confirmed that you will play as a human only, but that "customisation is going to be bigger than Dragon Age: Origins" — including customising your followers.

Lead writer David Gaider added that "backgrounds will be in DA3, even though you will be human; it's not playable, but it does [have] significant impact on the story".

Other teasers included the hint that you may end up having control of your own castle, and executive producer Mark Darrah confirmed that previous save-game choices will import. However, he added, "we're investigating some ways without save imports".

This seems to suggest that DA3 will be following in DA2's cut-down footsteps, rather than the wider — and better-reviewed — Dragon Age: Origins, which may prove to be disappointing to some players.

BioWare also released some of the first Dragon Age III: Inquisition concept art on its blog, which you can see in the gallery below.

Although little is known about Dragon Age 3 at this stage, BioWare has confirmed that players will be human only.

Photo by: BioWare / Caption by:

A more familiar-looking knight figure is seen in the foreground of these ruins.

Photo by: BioWare / Caption by:

It has been hinted that players will get their own castle to manage.

Photo by: BioWare / Caption by:
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