NGC 3718

The winners of the 2013 Central West Astronomical Society (CWAS) Astrophotography Awards have been announced.

Photographers vied for AU$10,000 in equipment from Canon that was up for grabs. Judged by Dr David Malin, the renowned astrophotographer who the awards are named after, winning images were chosen based on their ability to capture the beauty of the sky and an interest in astronomy in an "aesthetically pleasing way". Martin Pugh was the overall winner, taking out the grand prize of a 5D Mark III and EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L II USM lens for his image entitled "NGC 3718".

The permanent exhibition of this year's winning photos is on display now at Parkes Observatory. A touring exhibition of works will stop in at locations across Australia, with the first held at Sydney Observatory from August 2013. More details on the images themselves and runners-up can be found on the CWAS page.

Deep Sky category winner and overall winner.

Photo by: Martin Pugh / Caption by:

Look Out

Wide-field category winner.

Photo by: Greg Gibbs / Caption by:

Solar Eclipse — Progression at Second Contact

Solar System: Hires category winner.

Photo by: Phil Hart / Caption by:

Total Coronal Radiance

Solar System: Wide-Field category winner.

Photo by: Troy Casswell / Caption by:

Eclipse on the Beach

Animated Sequences category winner.

Total Solar Eclipse, November 14th 2012 from Alex Cherney on Vimeo.

Photo by: Alex Cherney and James McHugh / Caption by:

Night Sky Photo Course Group Shot

People and Sky category winner.

Photo by: Neil Creek with Phil Hart / Caption by:

The Dish

Junior section (18 and under) category winner.

Photo by: Brooke Beniston / Caption by:

A Song to the Heavens

David Malin Innovation Prize winner.

Photo by: Troy Casswell / Caption by:

Milky Way

The News Ltd Photo Editor's Choice winner.

Photo by: Julie Fletcher / Caption by:
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