Zoku slows it down with Mini Pop Molds

The Zoku Mini Pop Molds can make nine freezer treats at a time. The distinctive design allows for easy removal of ready-to-eat pops.

The Zoku Mini Pop Molds use flexible silicone for easy-release frozen treat enjoyment.
The Zoku Mini Pop Molds use flexible silicone for easy-release frozen treat enjoyment. Zoku

The inside of the refrigerator is no place for fast food. Aside from the fridge gnome who turns the light on and off when the door is opened and closed, it is pretty slow in there. Of course, this is exactly how we want it; it's nice to be able to look inside and find the dairy and the lunch meat where you left it (not counting housemate intervention). Zoku, of quick-pop-maker fame, understands that sometimes it's OK to slow down.

The Zoku Mini Pop Molds ($16.99) are part of Zoku's "Slow Pops" line. (The others are Round Pop Molds and Classic Pop Molds.) Picking up where traditional molds let off, the small contraption (it measures 9.75 inches by 6.75 inches and stands a squat 3 inches tall) is composed of a base and comes with fitted "sticks," complete with drip guards. What sets it apart is what hides underneath.

Each of the nine molds cradles frozen pops with flexible silicone. When it's time to eat one, the silicone inverts as the frozen treat is extracted. Unlike old-fashioned molds, there is no need to hold the base under running water. The result is homemade frozen treats that don't require any wrestling with equipment to enjoy -- although you will have to wait as they freeze.

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