Xbox Live server issues not related to Titanfall

According to Microsoft, the current issues with Xbox Live aren't being caused by high demand for Titanfall after all.

Xbox gamers are currently having a tough time getting logged in to Xbox Live, with the service being described by Microsoft as "limited".

(Credit: EA)

With Titanfall just launched in the US, it was initially thought that high-demand for the multiplayer title might have been the cause of the server-side problems.

But Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has taken to Twitter to reassure users that the access issues aren't related to the highly anticipated game.

This is probably good news for Australians. With Titanfall getting a midnight launch locally this evening — and CNET Australia will be there to cover the fun and frivolity — there's a good chance that Xbox Live will be up and running by the time Aussies can get access to the game.

You can use the Xbox support site to keep an eye on the server status as the clock ticks down to midnight to see if you'll be able get your massive mech fix after all.

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