Would you pay for a Facebook photo?

A new service has popped up that lets you pay for a selection of images that you can use as Facebook Timeline photos.

TimelineImages is a website that provides a repository of stock images that you can use to customise your Facebook timeline photo.

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The images, which range from picturesque nature shots to conventional stock images of smiling office workers, cost US$1 each. Images are also organised into categories, spanning the likes of illustrations, objects, technology and, puzzlingly, people — just in case you'd fancy a picture of someone else to greet visitors to your Facebook Timeline.

While services such as TimelineImages are pretty niche, there are more and more people paying closer attention to how they visually market themselves on the social-networking site. Stock image sites are nothing new, but so far we haven't come across anything that specifically targets Facebook in this way, and charges for the privilege.

The service seems like good value for money — after all, you're only giving away US$1 — until you read the fine print. You're buying a licence to use the (low-resolution) image on your social-media profile of choice, rather than being able to use it in other contexts to promote your commercial practice. It seems like better value to use one of the many thousands of publicly available, Creative Commons-sourced images, and credit them with proper attribution.

There are plenty of rampant spoofs that poke fun at the idea of a photographer who is specifically hired for taking profile pictures. But we're sure there's someone out there who would pay for a headshot or glamorous timeline photo specifically for Facebook use.

This begs the question: would you pay for a Facebook photo for your timeline, profile or otherwise? Let us know by voting in the poll.

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