Woolworths Global Roaming SIM to save travellers

Woolworths is claiming that travellers can save up to 90 per cent when choosing to use its new service, rather than roaming on their standard mobile phone accounts.

Woolworths Mobile has launched a new global roaming SIM, claiming to save up to 90 per cent for customers who choose to use the new service, rather than roaming on their standard mobile phone accounts.

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The new SIM costs AU$29 dollars and includes AU$10 credit. The service includes calls, SMS and data, and can be used in 230 countries across the globe. Costs vary significantly from country to country, too. For example, calls from the US cost AU$1.17 per minute and data is AU$11.50 per megabyte, while calls from Singapore are AU$0.46 and data is a far more affordable 90c per megabyte.

The service is completely pre-paid, and Woolworths has set up a website so that customers can top-up online. All credit purchased is valid for 12-months, which is better than the 30-day terms you typically get on regular pre-paid plans.

If you want to check out the full list of included countries and the rates for each, you can find them all on the Woolworths' Mobile site.

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