Wine stopper keeps your libations fresh

A bottle of champagne or wine can be preserved for up to 2 weeks with this thing.


Uncork that champagne, because it's booze gadgetry time! In this latest installment of our unofficial series of toys for people who are obsessed with both digital gadgets and alcoholic beverages (but not too obsessed with either, we hope), we take a look at the Epicurean Wine & Champagne Saver, as seen on Gizmodo. This gadget is great for people who like a good glass of wine but simply don't drink a whole lot: using precisely the right amount of pressure, it can keep a corked bottle of wine or champagne fresh for up to two weeks.

No price is listed on the product's retail page, unfortunately, so I'm not able to gauge whether investing in one of these could convince me to upgrade my wine-shopping habits from Trader Joe's "2 Buck Chuck" to something way classier, like Yellow Tail.

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