Whaddyareckon?: Promo girls

Long hours, high heels, leering comments; what's the appeal of being a promo girl? In this week's Whaddyareckon? we find out.

Tech expos can be a pretty blokey affair, but there is always one guaranteed source of female representation: the promotional models.

Variously known as promo girls or booth babes -- and rarely addressed by name (or indeed using words) -- these hard-working, high-heel wearing women saunter the floors of your average tech event in an effort to entice punters to visit their exhibits.

The hours are long, the outfits are skimpy, and the leering "Do you come with the car?" comments come thick and fast. So what's the appeal in being a promo girl?

At the recent CEDIA expo on the Gold Coast, we asked just that. Tune in to Whaddyareckon? to hear all about the plight of the promo girl.


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