Well, it's a start

Leopard's security features not all well implemented.

Matasano Security's Thomas Ptacek provides an excellent run-down of Leopard's new security features (tip o' the antlers to Ryan Naraine). Remember what the Macalope said a couple of weeks ago ?

We can argue whether these are the right measures to be taken or how effectively they're being implemented, but this is still good news.

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to implementing Leopard's new security features...

Some of it's good, but much of it's bad or at least disappointing that Apple did not implement the features in a more robust method.

It's some good news (well, sort of...) that several of the problems are with default settings and users can quickly correct them, but turning off your firewall even on an upgrade? Sheesh. That's like paying a contractor to renovate your house while you're out of town and you come home and find all the doors and windows open and when you say, "Hey! Goober! What gives?!" he says "Oh, I just wanted to make it easy for you to get in when you got home."

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