Webware 100 winner: Dropio

Webware 100 winner: Dropio

Site: Dropio
Category: Infrastructure & Storage

Dropio is an online storage provider that packages Web storage in chunks called "drops." There is a free version of the service that lets users share files up to 100MB in size. And those looking for more can invest in drops up to 25GB in size, whose contents won't expire for three years.

Dropio is not set up to be a long-term storage provider. Instead, it's for people who want to share and collaborate on large files. It's also got some neat features not found elsewhere, like a real-time view of activity within a drop, and a pay wall that lets you charge others to get at the content you've got stored in your drop. There's also a Firefox add-on that adds things like drag-and-drop from your desktop, and a speedier way to create new drops.

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