Webware 100 winner: Answers.com

Answers.com has just what you think it does. Answers to questions about anything and nearly everything.

      Want to find out more about something? Check Answers.com. The service pulls information from several different reference sites to provide answers to your questions. You get full encyclopedia entries from services such as Wikipedia and Britannica, as well as spelling, usage information, and translations into different languages. Since these other services are updated frequently, entries on Answers.com tend to stay fairly current.

      In addition to its Web site, Answers.com also offers a software program users can install to look up any word they come across on their computer, be it in other Web sites, e-mails, or applications. There's also a Facebook daily trivia application and a plug-in for blog owners that will highlight keywords with small pop-up links to content on Answers.com pages.

      Winner: Answers.com (Answers.com)
      Category: Search

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