Watch CNET's 'The British Are Coming' panel at CES

CNET UK's editor Jason Jenkins is joined at CES by representatives from three of Britain's most innovative tech companies in this video.

I've been going to CES for over a decade now, but there's one country's tech I almost never see reported on at the show -- my own. I've always wondered why that is.

Brits have been involved in so many important tech inventions over the years, from television to the World Wide Web -- are our best discoveries behind us, or do we still have something left to give?

Earlier this week I tried to find the answer to that question and others by talking to three people at the coalface of the UK tech industry. You can watch the video of the panel above.

From the gadget side, I talk to Colin Crawford of Pure, the maker of streaming audio and DAB radios, which is launching a wireless speaker in the US to rival Sonos .

Representing British inventors is Ian Drew from ARM, probably the UK's biggest tech success story. ARM's technology dominates the mobile industry, featuring in most of the processors that power today's smart phone and tablets.

Finally, as a young successful company that won a place at the 2012 CES in a competition, Blippar -- the maker of an augmented reality platform for mobile devices -- has a thing or two to say about what it's like to start and run a company in Britain. Ambarish Mitra, founder and CEO, gives us the benefit of his experience.

We discuss what each of these companies is launching at the show and get into subjects such as what it's like to run companies in these fields from Britain -- the advantages and disadvantages. We chat about the tech scene in the UK, whether it's thriving or shrinking, and how it compares to the big daddy, Silicon Valley.

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Update 11 January: Embedded video of the panel.


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