Vodafone Nexus S should receive Jelly Bean update tomorrow

Vodafone should be the first Aussie telco to deliver the Jelly Bean update to customers, with an update to the Nexus S rolling out tomorrow.

Vodafone's update blog has released the timing for the first Australian phone to receive the Android Jelly Bean update via a telco, with the Nexus S scheduled to receive the update over-the-air from 1pm on 19 July.

This update will advance the Nexus S to Android firmware version 4.1, from its current 4.0.4 firmware. Customers with a Nexus S should see a speed improvement, according to Google's Jelly Bean changelog, plus new features like Google Now.

On the blog, the telco also stated that the Galaxy Nexus will also receive the update shortly, with the message: "Manufacturer preparing update for submission to Vodafone, for testing", which was listed in the table beside the newer Nexus phone.

The Nexus branded handsets, designed by Google, are the only phones listed to receive the update so far. Many of the other models waiting on updates will be advanced to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which debuted at the end of 2011.

Do you use the Nexus S? We'd love to know how close to 1pm you receive the update notification.

Update (4:40pm): We've just received from Vodafone saying that the update has been temporarily delayed and that the Vodafone team is waiting for new information from Google about when the update will go ahead.

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