Ubisoft details Watch Dogs exclusive PlayStation content

Final details emerge on the bonus content being offered to PlayStation gamers.

We've known for a while now that PlayStation gamers would be getting an extra hour of content in Watch Dogs — we just didn't know what that content would be.

It's a great colour for hiding at night. (Credit: Ubisoft)

Now, with two very long months remaining until the launch of Watch Dogs, Ubisoft has revealed what the PlayStation exclusive content actually is.

The hour of gameplay will be comprised of four extra missions — completing them gets you additional information on the hacker faction known as DedSec as well as Hacking Boost that scores you an additional battery slot on your phone.

You'll also get an exclusive outfit — the White Hat Hacker — which takes Aiden's trademark brown leather trenchcoat and transforms it into something George Michael might have worn if he was ever in a Whitesnake filmclip.

Only time will tell if the extra content and bonuses enough to make gamers buy a PlayStation version by preference, or if we'll all just wait for a Game of the Year edition with everything bundled in. (Hint: the game looks amazing, don't wait for a Game of the Year edition.)

And remember — the delay into retail gave Ubisoft some time to tweak the game, so it's now rated R18+, not MA15+ .

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