Twitter now lets you see what's trending in over 200 locations

Latest tweak allows Twitter users to keep their pulse on latest trends in more than 200 spots around the globe.

Twitter surfaces trends by geographic location (Credit: Twitter screenshot)

We're fast running out of excuses to be ignorant about what's happening beyond our borders. The latest Internet tool to learn about that big, wide world comes courtesy of Twitter, which said today that its Twitter Trends feature now extends to 100 more cities around the world, allowing users to "surface the 'most breaking' news in more than 200 locations. Here's more about the tweak from Twitter.

How accurate a tool is it for keeping on top of the latest and greatest in a certain locale? Fairly good in that when something big happens, folks now routinely tweet about the news and it inevitably bubbles to the top of Twitter Search as a top trend. However, what's trending on Twitter, as in the example below from San Francisco, may not be all that revelatory for people looking for more in-depth information.

San Francisco Trends   

#ILoveMyPhone Promoted



RIP Dave Brubeck


Take Five





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