Twitter literally goes to the birds

Homing pigeons are gearing up to fly across Europe, tweeting as they go.

(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

Homing pigeons are gearing up to fly across Europe, tweeting as they go.

Equipped with special backpacks, a team of homing pigeons is about to go on a tweeting tour of Europe. Starting from Malmö, Sweden, Hans, Wilma, Jean Claude and Engeli will fly home across the continent, each one wearing a little, 28-gram, pigeon-sized backpack containing a SIM card and GPS to map their journey and broadcast it via Twitter.

The project, by Swedish telco Fogg Mobile, was designed by creative agency Perfect Fools in collaboration with Munich University's pigeon research unit to show how travellers can use apps such as Twitter at a flat rate to communicate without worrying about bill shock.

Nevertheless, there's something quite charming about it. Although, unfortunately, the birds won't be composing the tweets themselves a la Voldemars Dudum's Hungry Birds . Instead, humans can send their tweets to Fogg to be released from a country of your choice.

The birds will also send tweets when they fly over certain locations.

Hans, Wilma, Jean Claude and Engeli will be flying to their home countries of Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany from 18 June.


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