The most annoying ringtones ever

Ringtones with spoken words are just plain wrong.

Try a Cher ringtone instead

I was having lunch in a quiet outdoor restaurant last weekend when the words "Gentleman, start your engines" pierced the peaceful air like an explosion. It turned out to be a fellow diner's ringtone, and it was not a pretty sound to hear over and over again.

I don't think I'm alone when I say that ringtones with spoken words are just plain wrong. I'd much rather hear that ubiquitous Nokia ringtone for the hundredth time than endure something like "Hey! Your phone is ringing" or "Pick up the phone. I said pick up the phone!" Both are choice snippets I've heard in the past. Granted, it's much easier to get a little ditty like "If I could turn back time" (the next ringtone I heard) stuck in your head, but at least then you'd have the image of Cher dancing on a battleship.

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