The leather keychain loop that's also a smartphone stand

This ingenious strap can hold your smartphone in portrait and landscape orientations. But overseas shipping is just a wee bit pricey.

The best use of leather since the bullwhip.
The best use of leather since the bullwhip. Objekten

My neverending quest for the ultimate smartphone stand just got a little closer to ending.

The Objekten Keyring is a simple leather loop that affixes to your keychain. It's good not only for hanging your keys on a hook, but also for whipping the entire ring around on your finger when you get bored.

Also, it's a smartphone stand. Thanks to a strategically cut notch in the loop, you can prop up just about any phone, even one that's in a case. And you can do so both horizontally and vertically, which is a big deal for someone like me. (I read a lot on my iPhone, and don't like doing so in landscape orientation. That's been the deal-breaker for another keychain-friendly propper-upper, the Keyprop .)

It's hard to tell without using one whether the Keyring would support a mammoth smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , but I suspect it'll do just fine with my comparatively tiny iPhone 4S.

And I was all set to find out, as the 9.90 Euro price works out to only about $13 US. Unfortunately, shipping is incomprehensibly priced at 89 Euro, or $117. I'm sure that's a mistake, but until the Objekten folks get it straightened out, I'll have to continue my smartphone-stand search elsewhere.


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