TARDIS engagement ring: love that transcends time and space

It's super-geeky, but this TARDIS engagement ring is super-romantic, too.

It's super-geeky, but this TARDIS engagement ring is super-romantic, too.

(Credit: Gino Arizmendi)

Back in March, jeweller Gino Arizmendi got a bit bored. Clearly, the only thing that would alleviate that boredom was the creation of a jewelled engagement ring based on Dr Who's TARDIS time machine.

The concept got so much attention that Arizmendi has made the ring a real, purchasable reality.

He doesn't say what the metal is, but it looks to be white gold, set with a one-carat princess-cut stone in the centre; and on each side, three brilliant-cut stones to represent the Police Box sign, two sets of four baguette-cut stones for the windows and one smaller princess-cut diamond for the Police Box instructions.

In the image above, Arizmendi used sapphires, but he can also make a version using all diamonds.

Pricing isn't mentioned (that would be gauche!), but we can't imagine it to come cheap. However, if you're interested, you can drop him a line (and see more pictures) via his Tumblr, Pathetic Peripatetic.

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