Still more on system crashes with the new Epson printer driver

Still more on system crashes with the new Epson printer driver

Leland Ho offers the following comments on the mystery crashes associated with the new Epson Color 800 printer driver (as previously reported here): "The problem is due to the driver itself. For some reason, trying to install the new driver with an existing one already in your system folder seems to corrupt the driver. In trying to reboot the startup of the CPU appears to hang upon the loading of the Aladdin's Stuffit Deluxe TFI control panel. I am sure that the TFI control panel is not the problem. It only appears to be causing the problem since it is the last or next to last control panel to load." The solution?: "Reboot with all extensions off; trash the existing print driver, copy a clean one and reboot."

In what may be a related issue, Matt Deatherage, writing in the Macintosh Daily Journal, wrote: "For best results, follow the installation instructions precisely -you can mount the two disk images with ShrinkWrap or Disk Copy 6.1, but don't try to install from folders even though you'd think it might work."

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