Steekr: Another virtual drive service

There's another online storage solution on the block. It's called Steekr.

Steekr is a new online storage service with automated backup software for both Windows and Mac. Users get a gigabyte to store whatever they want. Steekr is a sibling product to SteekUp, parent company Agematis' business-centric backup service that gives customers 100GB with a paid subscription. The new service is designed for casual users who want to automate file backups or move large files between locations without optical media.

The software installation is needed only for people who want to automate file backups. If you want to stick to the Web, you can still back up anything you want with a small drag and drop zone for files. Both versions of the backup application are pretty lightweight, with the Windows version coming in at just under 5MB.

I found the software interface to be a little counterintuitive, with no drag-and-drop functionality. For both the Windows and Mac version, you must dig through nested folders within a file explorer and check or uncheck the files and folders you want to sync up or transfer. This can get cumbersome, especially with 10 or more files.

Steekr has some neat features, like a media player that will show off your pictures and music files as a slide show. You can build your own playlist and skip to various files on the fly. What's missing is the capability to embed content like you can with's widget, and share your files on blogs or social networking sites. The interface is kind of widget-like, so I'm assuming they're adding that functionality later.

Steekr is a solid effort, but online storage is a very competitive space. Services like Xdrive are either giving away more storage (5GB for Xdrive), or offering tighter integration with other services (like Omnidrive and Zoho). If Steekr wants to stand out, it's either going to have to make files a little easier to manage, or bump up the storage.

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