Stealing a smartphone like a fox

A fox in Norway nicked off with a smartphone — then figured out how to use it.

A fox in Norway nicked off with a smartphone — then figured out how to use it.

There are all sorts of words used to describe foxes: "sneaky"; "cunning"; "clever". We think that all of them apply in the strange tale of 16-year-old Norwegian Lars Andreas Bjercke and a fox with sticky paws.

Bjercke had downloaded a hunting app that is designed to attract foxes by making dying-rabbit sounds. After a few nights of using the app — and seeing foxes curiously slinking about — Bjercke and a friend placed the smartphone on a road and started filming, just to see what would happen.

A fox absconding with said phone is what happened — but it's what happened next that is the really interesting part.

The first thing that happened is that Bjercke called his phone — and the call was answered. There was no reply on the other end, obviously — just some crackling sounds.

The second thing that happened was a text message sent from the phone to one of Bjerke's friends. We hope it wasn't anything important, because no one has been able to figure out exactly what "Jlv In ø \ a0ab 34348tu åaugjoi zølbmosdji jsøg ijio sjiw" means.

Obviously, the real question here, though, is when we can expect to see some sort of underground fox resistance, à la Roald Dahl — and will cephalopods get there first.


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