Startup Clinkle taps Netflix's brain trust again

The payments company has hired former Netflix DVD-by-mail lead Andrew Rendich, along with Allison Hopkins, once an HR honcho at the video rental heavyweight.

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Clinkle Wallet Clinkle

Payments startup Clinkle might not have launched its service yet, but it's already finding some value in former Netflix employees.

The company on Wednesday announced that it has hired two former Netflixers -- Andrew Rendich and Allison Hopkins. Rendich joined Clinkle from, where he was senior vice president of supply chain and logistics. Prior to that, he spent 13 years at Netflix, where he served as chief service and operations officer and was tapped to take over the ill-fated Qwikster DVD-by-mail offshoot. After that fell through and it was clear Netflix was trying to focus more on streaming than DVDs, Rendich moved to

Rendich will be Clinkle's vice president of operations. Hopkins, who was vice president of human resources at Netflix before leaving for Palo Alto Networks, will be vice president of talent at Clinkle.

The appointment of Rendich and Hopkins comes a little over a month after Clinkle announced that it had hired Barry McCarthy to be its COO. Between 1999 and 2010, McCarthy was chief financial officer at Netflix.

Clinkle has been relatively tight-lipped on its plans for its payments service. The company hopes to launch the platform next year.

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