Stanza returns, alive and kicking

The reports of Stanza's death were greatly exaggerated.

The reports of Stanza's death were greatly exaggerated.

(Credit: Lexcycle; CBSi)

Remember when iOS 5 came out, and Stanza stopped working, and we were all, "Sackcloth and ashes!"? Well, this is one of those occasions when we're happy to have been wrong: in a move of Lazarene magnificence, Amazon and Lexcycle have finally launched the first update since February.

The only update seems to have been iOS 5 compatibility, but we're quite happy with that.

Alas, this may just be a stay of execution; Macworld reports that it has heard from Amazon staff that this will be the last update for our favourite e-reading app.

If you've already switched apps, it might be a good idea to keep your new one handy, just in case, or head over and check out some of our other favourite apps for e-reading .

Meanwhile, we'll just keep our sackcloth and ashes in an easy-to-reach location over here...


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