Spooky-beautiful Year Walk coming to Steam

Simogo's creepy puzzle game, which debuted a year ago for iOS, will arrive on Steam rebuilt for Mac and PC on 6 March.

Simogo's creepy puzzle game, which debuted a year ago for iOS, will arrive on Steam rebuilt for Mac and PC on 6 March.

(Credit: Simogo)

Swedish developer Simogo surprised everyone last year with the launch of Year Walk — a hauntingly atmospheric puzzle game for iOS and a sharp departure from the studio's cutesy (but still well made) arcade-style mobile games.

For the first time, the developer is branching out of mobile with the impending launch of Year Walk for Mac and PC, arriving, Simogo has announced, on 6 March. But it's not just a port — the game will have several key differences, some from necessity — such as making the shift away from a touch interface, which Simogo did admittedly use to excellent effect — and some to create a new experience.

(Credit: Simogo)

"Speaking of controls, those of you who played Year Walk for iOS knows that a lot of the puzzles were deeply tied to some of the features of the iPhone, including multitouch and tilt," the team wrote in a blog post. "Some of those puzzles have been redesigned, while others have been completely exchanged for brand new puzzles and interactions. So, redesigning puzzles not only means that we've changed the way you interact, many of them have new art and sounds as well. We even had to create one entirely new location in the forest for one of the new puzzles."

New features also include a graphics upgrade to 1080p, an in-game map, a built-in encyclopedia (which is the Year Walk companion app integrated into the game), a hint system and Steam achievements.

Year Walk was one of the best games of 2013 we played on any platform, so we're deeply excited about the new content. Check out our review of the mobile game here .

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