Sony exec: New DVR for PS3 in the works

A Sony exec says the company is working on PlayTV 2, a new version of its DVR add-on product that hasn't yet made it to the U.S.

Sony's PlayTV Sony

Sony is working on a follow-up to its PlayStation 3 DVR known as PlayTV, senior producer Mark Green confirmed in a recent interview with game publication Spong.

According to Green, his studio is working on several projects. He balked at mentioning them all but cited the DVR add-on unit for the PS3.

"We're still working on PlayTV, PlayTV 2," he said.

Green stopped short of discussing it further. Regardless, speculation abounds over what may come out of the PlayTV 2. The first PlayTV, which went on sale in 2008 for about $156, allows owners to record and play television programming. PlayTV was initially made available only in Europe. It has not come to the United States, but that doesn't necessarily mean that PlayTV 2 won't show up here.

Back in April, Sony mentioned an update to PlayTV. It did not mention PlayTV 2 by name but said the DVR update would include Facebook integration.

Sony did not immediately responded to request for comment.

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