Search for iPad on Amazon, get iced by Fire

Yes, Amazon sells the iPad 2. But do a search for it and the first thing you get is a comparison chart of the Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2 with the Fire looking like the winner.

Fire and ice: Amazon is cooling off iPad searchers with this handy comparison chart. Amazon

Amazon is mostly an equal-opportunity seller, but when it comes to selling the iPad 2, it's a slightly different story.

Just trying keying in "iPad" or "iPad 2" into the Amazon search bar and you'll see what I mean. The first "sponsored" search result is a link to "Compare iPad 2 vs. Kindle Fire" that encourages you to a view a side-by-side comparison of key features.

Not surprisingly, the Kindle Fire either matches or bests the iPad 2 in most of those key features, taking losses in only the memory and battery-life departments. The kicker, of course, is the Kindle Fire costs $300 less than the Wi-Fi-only 16GB iPad 2.

I'd sure like to know how many people started out searching on Amazon for an iPad 2 and ended up with a Kindle Fire. I don't think Amazon is going to reveal that, but I'd bet it's a fairly large number.


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