SanDisk SSDs are now quite cheap

If you've been holding back from buying an SSD, now is likely a good time to buy one.

If you've been holding back from buying an SSD, now is likely a good time to buy one.

(Credit: SanDisk)

Both Scorptec and PC Case Gear have dropped the price of SanDisk's Extreme series. It's being marked as a special, although we wonder if it's a harbinger of cheaper SSD prices to come.

The Extreme series is based on SandForce's SF2281 chipset, a proven performer. Custom firmware and the memory type used can change the performance of SSDs, even based on the same chipset, though; so while benchmarks are good, make sure to look at all your SSD options, first.

The prices themselves may be enough to convince, though: AU$129 for 120GB, AU$249 for 240GB and AU$489 for 480GB. That's a colossal drop for the 240GB and 480GB models, and although you still have to factor shipping into the equation, it makes for a very tempting offer.

A heads up: make sure to update your firmware once you get it, to fix an issue with TRIM.

Scorptec: 120GB; 240GB; 480GB.
PC Case Gear: 120GB; 240GB; 480GB.

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