Samsung prepping Galaxy Note launches throughout August

Samsung is preparing for a month of new Note product launches, with reveals for both a tablet and smartphone bearing the Galaxy Note branding planned throughout August.

Samsung is preparing for a month of new Note product launches, with a Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet to be unveiled mid-August in the US, while the Note handset will be on display on 29 August — just in time for the IFA electronics expo in Berlin, Germany.

Last year's surprise hit: the Galaxy Note. (Credit: Samsung)

Samsung confirmed the upcoming tablet launch last week, with plans to reveal its latest slate design in New York on 15 August. The Galaxy Note 10.1 was first shown at CES earlier this year. It is a 10-inch tablet that ships with Samsung's S-Pen stylus accessory for creating personal notes, images and handwriting in compatible applications.

As many predicted, Samsung also intends to launch a smaller version of the same concept, as a follow-up to the successful Galaxy Note 5-inch smartphone released last year. This phone will also come with an S-Pen stylus, with recent speculation suggesting that Samsung plans to increase the screen size slightly, up to 5.5-inches on the as-yet unannounced model.

Reuters is reporting that Samsung has confirmed the date it is preparing to reveal the new Note smartphone, with plans for an event in Berlin on 29 August. This date aligns with the annual IFA trade show in Berlin; an event where other companies, like Sony, are also expected to debut new hardware.

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