Rumor Has It: No Retina iPad Mini in your holiday stocking

Smartwatches, smartphones, and a sneaky little tablet made the rumor mill freak out this week.


It's been quite a week for news that starts with the word "smart."

Eric Schmidt was caught last week holding the rumored Moto X smartphone , which opened the flood gates of speculation: When will it come out? Who will carry it? What're the specs?

A leaked alleged release schedule , though, claims to have an answer to at least one of those questions. The Moto X, along with the HTC One, will arrive at Verizon next month.

The smartwatch train is a fast-moving one, and everyone's trying to jump aboard. A new rumor claims that Microsoft is hard at work on a smartwatch of its own, and has put the Surface team on the case . And Apple, not to be outdone, is supposedly "aggressively" hiring people for its iWatch team.

And finally, I'm sorry iPad Mini fans, but you might have to wait a while longer for a next-gen iPad Mini with Retina Display . Not to worry, though. If some of these rumors pan out, you might be able to scoop up a "budget" non-Retina iPad Mini 2 before that. But why would you want to?

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