Refurbished iPad Mini, fourth-gen iPad now on sale

The used iPad Mini is going for $429, while the fourth-generation iPad will set customers back $579.

Apple's refurbished iPad is now available.
Apple's refurbished iPad is now available. Screen Capture by Don Reisinger/CNET

Customers looking to get a break on the price of an iPad or iPad Mini, this one's for you.

Apple has started selling refurbished iPad Minis and fourth-generation iPads in its online outlet store. Apple is selling a customer's choice of the black or white 16GB fourth-generation iPad with Wi-Fi-and-Celluar. The price represents a $50 cut compared with the full-price model.

The iPad Mini's price is $429 -- a $30 drop compared to the $459 new option. The only refurbished iPad Mini on sale is the 16GB option with Wi-Fi-and-Cellular.

Buying refurbished products isn't necessarily a bad idea. In some cases, device have malfunctioned but have been fixed by Apple and are now being resold. In a large number of cases, however, refurbished products can simply mean that customers brought back a fully operational device that they thought didn't work (or they didn't need), and Apple can't sell it at full price.

All of Apple's refurbished products are tested and certified and include a one-year warranty. Apple also includes a new battery and outer shell in all of its refurbished devices.

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