Range: a smart cooking thermometer for your iPhone

A cooking thermometer that plugs into your iPhone pairs up with an app to help you monitor and record your culinary adventures.

(Credit: Supermechanical)

A cooking thermometer that plugs into your iPhone pairs up with an app to help you monitor and record your culinary adventures.

Unless you're Hervé This, you probably don't pay too much attention to the chemical reactions that occur when you mix foodstuffs together and apply heat; cooking can be a pretty forgiving science. There are some dishes, though, that work better when you are closely monitoring things like temperature; caramel, for instance, or a medium roast.

A kitchen thermometer takes out a lot of the guesswork. Supermechanical, which brought us the Internet-of-Things gadget Twine, wants to up the ante with Range, a new iOS-compatible cooking thermometer.

The gadget itself is a metal spike mounted on a cooking-safe silicon grip, which can be hung over the edge of a cooking pot. A cable connects it to your iPhone's headphone jack, and an app acts as the thermometer's read-out.

Given all that apps can, do, though, it would be silly for it to stop there — and Range doesn't. You can pop the thermometer in your dish and wander off and do something else, with the app sounding an alarm when you have reached your target temperature. This alarm can be sent to any phone, so if you need to duck down the shops for more eggs, someone at home can take care of the cooking.

The other thing it can do is graph and save the temperature data for each dish. Every time you cook, you can make notes, figure out how the dish went wrong and, using template graphs that show the ideal heat vector for a variety of dishes, a figure out how to make it perfectly.

The Range is available in two different varieties. Ember is designed for meat, and has a 5-centimetre, pointed probe with a 1.22-metre cable. Aqua is designed for making sweet things, and has a 10-centimetre, rounded probe and a 90-centimetre cable. Each thermometer has a range of -40ºC to 230ºC, and presets in the app help you find the ideal cooking temperature for your dish, with custom alarm sounds.

At this point, the app will only work on iOS 5.1 or later, and each Range is going for an early backer price of US$49 on Kickstarter. Head on over to the Range campaign page for more information.

Via www.kickstarter.com

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