Radio play Night Terrace: an Aussie take on The Hitchhiker's Guide?

Aussie comedy crew the Splendid Chaps is Kickstarting their very own sci-fi radio play about a woman who goes on crazy adventures across space and time.

(Credit: Ben McKenzie)

Aussie comedy and podcast crew the Splendid Chaps is Kickstarting their very own sci-fi radio play about a woman who goes on crazy adventures across space and time.

When Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy made its very first appearance in 1978, it wasn't as the novel that became such a formative part of our sci-fi education, but as a radio play on the BBC.

Jackie Woodburne.(Credit: Ben McKenzie)

It's this tradition to which writers and comedians Ben McKenzie and John Richards seem to be paying homage with their latest venture: Night Terrace. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, the project is, well, a radio play — in what also appears to be the comedic sci-fi tradition laid down by Adams.

It tells the tale of Anastasia Black, a former government agent whose dream of a peaceful retirement is interrupted when her house suddenly starts travelling through time and space (much like a terrace house-style TARDIS, we imagine), dragging along hapless university student Eddie Jones, who was unfortunately standing on her verandah when the house decided to go walkabout.

"Together Anastasia and Eddie will face alien invasions, hideous monsters, and a shadowy figure known only as 'Sue'," the synopsis reads. "All the while hoping the house will eventually take them home..."

There's clearly a serious mix of Arthur Dent meets Doctor Who meets, well, Australia — and there's some pretty top talent behind the scenes, too. Anastasia Black will be voiced by actor Jackie Woodburne (who you might know as Susan Kennedy from Neighbours), while McKenzie, alongside co-writing and co-producing, will be voicing Eddie Jones.

On the writing/production side, John Richards — who co-wrote the acclaimed TV show about a gay sci-fi fan club, Outland — will be lead writing, with assistance from The Chaser writer Lee Zachariah, and, of course, McKenzie. Sound design and audio engineering will be taken care of by radio veteran David Ashton, who will also co-write.

The entire series of eight episodes will be available as a DRM-free digital download for a starting pledge of AU$25, on a USB key for AU$50 (along with an invitation to the launch party) or as a CD set signed by the cast and crew for AU$75 (along with the launch party invitation).

If that sounds like a sweet deal to you, head on over to the Night Terrace Kickstarter page to pledge your support.

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