Project Eternity smashes into Kickstarter

A new RPG from Chris Avellone, Tim Cain, Josh Sawyer and Obsidian Entertainment has exploded onto Kickstarter, smashing its US$1.1 million funding goal within the first day.

A new RPG from Chris Avellone, Tim Cain, Josh Sawyer and Obsidian Entertainment has exploded onto Kickstarter, smashing its US$1.1 million funding goal within the first day.

(Credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

Project Eternity is the only project we've seen that comes close to Ouya's record-shattering first-day success ; and, considering that it's for one game (rather than a console), the amount of supporters is just staggering.

Some of the titles in Obsidian's resumé.(Credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

But not undeserved — Avellone, Cain and Sawyer are responsible for some of the finest RPGs from the last couple of decades, including Planescape: Torment, Neverwinter Nights 2, Icewind Dale and Fallout.

Details on the project are thin on the ground — the Kickstarter page states that it's an old-school isometric fantasy role-playing game, with tactical combat similar to Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights — but Obsidian's resumé leads us to believe that, no matter what, the game will be impressive, particularly since Obsidian Entertainment won't have to bow to publisher pressure.

At the time of writing, the project had made US$1,360,778 of its US$1.1 million base goal, which will fund the game with five playable races and five companions, but stretch goals up to US$2.2 million have also been announced:

1.4 million: new playable race, class and companion
Expands your options for character creation and adds a companion of the new class.

1.6 million: a Mac version of Project Eternity and the story grows!
We've listened, and we'll make a Mac version of the game at this tier. We're also going to add a new major storyline, along with new quests, locations, NPCs and unique loot (special histories everyone?).

1.8 million: new playable race, class and companion!
The options grow for your main character and the roster of your motley crew expands, with the addition of a new companion from the selected class.

2.0 million: player house!
Get your own house in the game that you can customise, store equipment in and where your companions hang out, or, as the elves say, "chillax".

2.2 million: a new region, a new faction and another new companion! And, dare we say it... ? Linux!
Great news, everyone! For the Tarball Knights of Gzippia out there, we'll be adding Linux support. Also, the world of Project Eternity grows in a major way, with the inclusion of a whole new faction and the territory it holds. This adds new NPCs, quests, magic items and hours of gameplay. And yes, you got it, another companion.

The game isn't due to arrive until April 2014, which means we're squirming in our seats, but we believe something like this is absolutely worth waiting for. To check it out, head over to the Project Eternity Kickstarter page, where a minimum pledge of US$25 will get you a copy of the game.

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