Pioneer's wireless decks for the mobile DJ

These Wi-Fi-enabled DJ decks do away with all the wires associated with DJing, and let you grab songs from smartphones and tablets to throw in the mix.

Attention all disc jockeys, it's time to start wirelessly spinning tunes on the wheels of steel.

(Credit: Pioneer)

Pioneer has announced the XDJ-Aero, a wireless DJ system that consists of a mixer and two decks. It lets DJs mix tracks stored on smartphones or tablets, over a Wi-Fi connection. The special app lets you import and adjust the beat grid of tracks, while the dedicated music management software lets PCs and Macs get in on the action too.

The mixer also has the requisite audio jacks for connecting other decks or turntables, so it can act as an independent mixer, as well. More of the specs include a 24-bit audio interface and the regular filters and effects found on Pioneer mixers.

Even if you can't beat-match like the best of them, the XDJ-Aero offers automatic beat synchronisation between decks, and automatic mixing. The price for all this Wi-Fi-enabled autonomy? That will be US$1400.

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