Phosforce laser flashlight can illuminate or incinerate

Stick the Phosforce lens on your Arctic laser and you've got a powerful flashlight. Take it off and you can annihilate balloons with the laser.

The Phosforce flashlight shines with 500 lumens. Wicked Lasers

Didn't get enough of Star Wars Day on the weekend? How about dazzling Sith Lords with this lightsaber-style flashlight?

The Phosforce from Wicked Lasers turns the company's powerful Arctic laser into a portable light that kicks out 500 lumens. It's nowhere near as powerful as the company's Torch flashlight -- which at 4,100 lumens is apparently strong enough to ignite paper -- but it's mighty bright.

Wicked is calling the Phosforce the world's first laser-powered flashlight. It uses a phosphor coating to turn the Arctic's blue laser light into white light.

The promo vid below tells users in an ominous tone, "Use Phosforce when you want to illuminate. Remove it when you want to incinerate," referring to the Arctic's ability to explode balloons.

The Phosforce lens is available for $79.85, and does not include the 1-watt $299.95 Spyder 3 Arctic laser, which can produce 0.25 Lux of light at distances of up to 6 miles.

Wicked is also showing off the new $99.95 Nano compact laser with up to 100 mW of power. It can also pop balloons and light matches.

Not a bad way to light candles for a geeky romantic dinner.

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