Palm WebOS 2.0 beta available to developers

Palm releases an early WebOS 2.0 SDK developers and Verizon Palm Pixi Plus owners get 3D gaming with WebOS 1.4.5. Get all the details here.

Palm Pixi Plus
Palm Pixi Plus Sarah Tew/CNET

Though we're still waiting to see what comes out of the HP-Palm merger , Palm's still plugging away on WebOS and released some new information about WebOS 2.0 on Tuesday.

The news mostly affects developers, as they can now download a beta version of the WebOS 2.0, but Palm also gave us a glimpse of what's to come and we're pretty excited. The new functions include:

  • Enhanced multitasking with the ability to stack related cards together for easier access.

  • Developers can now access the Synergy feature for integrating contacts, calendar, and messages.

  • A feature called Exhibition, which allows access to more information and views when a device is docked to the Touchstone charger.

  • Just Type: The new name for Universal Search. With Just Type, you'll be able to create Quick Actions for creating messages, updating your status, and other tasks, all without having to open the individual apps. You'll also be able to search within an app.
  • PDK plug-ins that will allow you to integrate C/C++ components into your HTML/JavaScript/CSS apps.

  • Improved HTML5 and Javascript support.

WebOS 2.0 will be the most significant update to WebOS since its debut in 2009 and is expected to be widely released later this year.

On a somewhat related note, Palm and Verizon also released WebOS 1.4.5 to Palm Pixi Plus owners, which brings 3D gaming and other minor fixes.

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