NRMA uses Oculus Rift to demo car safety technology

At the Crashed Car Showroom, the NRMA uses high-tech interactive displays to show the changing face of car safety.


According to research from the NRMA, only one in ten Australians report feeling knowledgeable about car safety.

Aiming to educate car owners and buyers, NRMA has opened the Crashed Car Showroom in the Sydney CBD.

The Showroom has a few high-tech exhibits that can allow visitors to get a better handle on modern cars.

The highlight is easily the crash test dummy simulator. Using Oculus Rift, strap yourself into a modern car and see a crash test from the dummy's point of view. Then rewind 32 years to see how the same crash test would have gone in 1982.

Other exhibits include the eye-tracking texting simulator and a hail gun — it's perhaps not as educational, but hurling hail stones into a car door at 142kph is certainly fun.

The Crashed Car Show room is open seven days a week until 27 March. Visit the official site for more details.

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