Notes from Apple's iPhone Tech Talks: "Energy friendly" Web apps and more

Notes from Apple's iPhone Tech Talks: "Energy friendly" Web apps and more

Apple's iPhone Tech Talks -- an event for Web developers that features Apple employees speaking on ensuring Safari on iPhone compatibility, creating Web 2.0 applications for iPhone, and managing content and synched data on iPhone -- have already hit LA, San Francisco and Chicago, wrapping up tomorrow and Friday in New York.

Mike Brophy of has posted some thorough notes from the event, which largely focused on best practices for designing Web content for the iPhone. Among the salient points:

  • Safari 3.0 beta for Windows, Safari 3.0 beta for Tiger, and Safari 3.0 RTM for iPhone all share the same WebKit engine. However, the iPhone only supports subset of events offered by the Desktop editions.
  • Page content should be separated (.js, .css, .html) so each can be separately cached by the iPhone.
  • As previously reported, there is a 10MB per text resource â?? ( HTML, JavaScript, CSS) limit. However, there is also 8MB limit for PNG, TIFF and GIF images, and a 32MB limit for JPG images. Page content generally should be limited to 30MB.
  • "Scripts may be paused in inactive windows or Safari not active."
  • Built-in fonts are Arial, Courier/New, Georgia, Trebuchet, Zap"no, Helvetica, Times/New Romain, and Verdana.
  • The iPhone widgets all use Canvas and JavaScript
  • "Energy-friendly web apps" tip: use black backgrounds to save battery life


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